Our services extends to manufacturing automobile products, fabrication & engineering goods, industrial products, energy transmission products, paper products, electrical & electronic goods, HVAC products.


We serve to entities engaged in laboratory equipments & materials, packaging materials, organic products etc..,

Multi-level marketing

We are well-versed in supporting multi-level marketing companies that focus on the distribution of organic products. Our services assist in ensuring compliance, managing financial aspects, and facilitating growth within this dynamic industry.


We offer our services to transportation companies engaged in shipping services and transportation of bulk cargo & goods.

Finance & Investments

Our services extends to the finance and investments sectors, including holding companies, investment companies, financial & portfolio investment management entities.

Banking & insurance

We provide audit & assurance services to banking and insurance companies & agencies.

Software - products & services

We have been supporting software companies operating in the Fintech segment, network management, HR self-service, and other related areas over 3 decades.

Research institutions

We support research park, incubation cells, research institutions in various fields including:
  • Wireless Technology.
  • Advanced machineries and Robots.
  • Water development.
  • Bio technology.

Charitable institutions

We provide over services to charitable institutions, including trusts engaged in the promotion of education, rural development, social welfare, Veda, and other general public welfare activities.

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